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Sherwood Blizzard Pro

Sherwood Blizzard Pro


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The Blizzard Pro is the standard for cold water divers during the last 30 years & it has been the “go to” regulator for many. Public Service Dive Teams around the country and in parts of the world use it because of its reliability at low water temperatures and for its ruggedness. The 9000 Series 1st Stage is a unique and patented design featuring Sherwood’s Air-Assisted Depth-Compensation (A2-DC) Technology. A2-DC responds to ambient pressure changes and uses internal pneumatic force to compensate the chamber. The results are an environmentally sealed and dry 1st Stage that is very responsive to external changing pressures. The Blizzard Pro 2nd Stage features Opposite Pivoting Point (OPP).




OPP Demand Lever reverses the pivot point to the opposite end of the valve body reducing freezing opportunities
Stiffer Exhaust Valve minimizes water intake throughout the breathing cycle drastically reducing in- housing ice formation
Injection molded thermoplastic LP seat; harder than silicone, which maintains its shape for longer periods of time
*Free Parts for Life (Restrictions Apply)
CE Certified
This regulator is suitable for water temperatures as low as 39oF (4oC). Please use Ice Diving techniques when diving colder waters. 


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