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Not necessarily.  Scuba diving is a sport that requires overall general good health.  There are certain conditions that need to be evaluated by a doctor before you can go diving.  If you are taking prescription medications of any kind, it is always recommended to get a doctor to give you the go ahead.  Check out the PADI medical form here, if you answer YES to any of the questions you must get your doctor to fill out the medical form before you dive with Scuba 2000.  Remember safety first!  

Learning to scuba dive is a decision you won’t regret.  Diving is magic to those that have experienced the beauty of the underwater world.  Can you picture yourself weightless, surrounded by fish, coral and wrecks?  An experience one cannot explain in words.  Anyone 10 years of age and older can get scuba certified.  A scuba certification can be compared to a completion diploma you have achieved.
The first step to becoming a scuba diver is to take the PADI Open Water Course which consists of three parts or phases:  knowledge development, confined water skills and open water certification dives.  
There are choices here again, one can do the PADI Open Water Referral Course with us at Scuba 2000 – this includes the Academics and the confined water skills portion of the course.  This can be completed in one weekend with us.  Following this we give you referral paperwork that you can take to any dive shop in the world to complete the Open Water Certification Dives.  More details about the course HERE.

At Scuba 2000, we proudly offer PADI courses. As a 5-Star Instructor Development Centre, we teach PADI courses ranging from Open Water Diver through to Instructor-level. PADI Divers carry the most respected and sought after scuba diving credentials in the world. No matter where you choose to dive, your PADI certification card will be recognized and accepted. In fact, on most scuba diving adventures, you’ll be surrounded by other PADI Divers who made the same certification choice you did – to train with the world’s largest and most respected scuba diving training organization.




We are open Monday to Friday from 11am to 7pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 3pm and . If you are taking part in a course, you will likely be at Scuba 2000 outside of these hours. Please find our contact details here.


Yes! We offer Discover Scuba courses every Tuesday at our in-store dive pool. For only $75 you'll get a full introduction to scuba and begin to learn the fundamentals of being a diver.


Yes, we fill paintball tanks with air. We can also arrange servicing, such as hydrostatic testing, for the tanks as well.