• Open Water – Tobermory

Open Water – Tobermory

Complete your training while getting to explore fascinating ship wrecks!

  • Stay overnight in Tobermory.
  • 2 Dives on Saturday & 2 on Sunday.
  • Special student rate on rental equipment for the weekend

The price above includes all four of your open water dives with an experienced instructor.
Not include rentals, air fill, Park fees, parking , travel and accommodation.

Starting from

Availability: Contact us for booking information


During the week before your trip, you will come pickup your rental gear from our shop. We will give you a map of Tobermory and directions on how to get there and the time in which you will meet your instructor Friday Evening.

During the Open Water dives, you will perform the skills you learned in the pool portion of the course. These skills are separated over each dive, so there is no pressure or feeling rushed to complete everything fast. Your instructor will guide you and help you complete these skills, so by the end of the weekend, you will feel confident and accomplished as a newly certified Open Water diver. 

What You’ll Need?


  • Must have completed the academic/pool portion of the course. 
  • Be 10 years or older.


  • Full basic scuba diving gear.
  • We offer Open Water students a rental package priced at $169 for the weekend. This includes your two air tanks, weights, BCD, wetsuit, regulator with integrated computer, hood and gloves. 
    If you do not own a mask, snorkel, fin and boots, it is an extra $50 for the weekend.  

    Outside of equipment, you will need to have found a place to stay overnight at for the weekend in Tobermory.
    Our shop reserves rooms at a hotel, therefore after you book your spot with us for the trip, you can call and reserve your room.

  • Duo to COVID 19 we will not be able to provide mask and snorkel rental - We offer a special price fora mask and snorkel set - please contact us fro more info.

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