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  • Bell Island Newfoundland - Aug 3rd -Aug 10 2024

Bell Island Newfoundland - Aug 3rd -Aug 10 2024

Hey Divers,

Ready for an epic 7 days underwater adventure?

Newfoundland Is calling you!

Early Bird Deal: Get in on the action at an Early Bird promo CAD $3599.99 per person, plus 15% NL HST. - get $150 store credit - Valid till Feb 28th 2024

Starting from

Availability: Contact us for booking information

Max 12 Divers: We've got room for you and your dive buddies!

To join the fun, you'll need an Advanced Certification and at least 35 cold water dives in a drysuit under your belt.

Why Newfoundland?: 
Wondering what makes this place so dive-tastic? Well, it's not just about the stunning underwater landscapes. It's also about paying homage to history. Back in 1942, Newfoundland was twice attacked by Nazi Germany, resulting in four sunken ships that hold countless relics like guns, radios, and portholes. These wrecks are colossal, and you'll want to keep diving them because there's so much to explore.

Bell Island Bonus: 
Bell Island isn't just about history; it's incredibly beautiful with coral reefs, vibrant marine life, and the possibility of spotting humpback whales. If you're a certified cave diver, you can delve into the Bell Island Mine. And don't miss the thrill of diving alongside icebergs, a sight to behold from May to June.

Your Home Away from Home: 
We've lined up modern lodge accommodations in the heart of Conception Bay South, NL, Canada. Ocean views and easy access to all the action are guaranteed. The Ocean Quest Lodge is tailor-made for adventurers like you.

What's Included?

7 nights of cozy accommodation (Twin or king, your choice).
5 days of Two-tank dives, that's a total of 10 underwater adventures. 
You can even swap a diving day for a land-based activity.
All your transportation on diving/activity days.
Airport transfers for a smooth start and finish.
Dive equipment options galore: single tanks, twin back mount, side-mount, or rebreather.
Stages, Pony’s, and hardware are on the house.
We've got your gas covered too: Air, Nitrox 28%, and 100% O2.
On-Land Adventure Awaits: If you're not all about diving, no worries. We've got 5 days of non-diving activities on land for you and your non-diving companions. Check out our tour options on the Ocean Quest Adventures website for more details.

The Best of Both Worlds: Can't decide between diving and non-diving adventures? No problem! Our Adventure and Dive Combo lets you pick 5 days of activities to suit your mood.

What's Not Included?

Mine Quest Diving in the Bell Island Mines (CAD $400 + NL HST additional). Requires a minimum of 4 divers per group with FULL CAVE or MINE DIVING Certification. It'll replace 1 day of Wreck Diving.
Iceberg Dive when available (CAD $400 + NL HST additional). Requires excellent buoyancy skills and 100 certified dives in a drysuit, plus a surface marker buoy. This replaces 1 day of Wreck Diving.
Domestic Airfare (approximately CAD $700 roundtrip).
Consider Trip Interruption or Cancellation Insurance, DAN Diver Insurance, and Travel Insurance for peace of mind.
Don't forget gratuities for our fantastic guides and crew.
Scuba courses and equipment (except tanks and weights) are not included.

Important Notes:
In case of bad weather, we've got backup plans like Whale Bone Graveyard, Reef Marine Life, and/or Scallop Diving to replace boat diving on wrecks.
Feel like some shore diving? It's unlimited! Just remember, transportation isn't included.
The full payment is due by April 1st, 2024.

So, are you ready for an adventure that combines history, marine wonders, and unforgettable experiences? Dive into Newfoundland with us.

To secure your spot please send a $500 deposite to Ocean Quest Adventures sales@oceanquestadventures.com  or  call 709-722-7234 and mention Scuba 2000 group trip.

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