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Tony Lombardi

Tony Lombardi

Favourite Dive
Cozumel – my first night dive – pure darkness underwater in the ocean – simply an awesome experience seeing everything come alive at night, every move of the flash light was a surprise –  huge crabs, octopus, nurse sharks sleeping, huge groups of lobsters – a strong tie with Curacao – in all of 25 seconds, I am surrounded by a giant shoal of Jackfish each about 24”-36” size swimming with a whale shark.  Oh and there was another dive in Cozumel with 3 eagle rays about 12 ft wide……well, any diving is pretty good but those are particularly memorable dives.

Favourite Course I took
Dive Master – I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn how to teach one of my favourite past times.   Learning how to teach is a very rewarding process and helping others to learn something like diving is a great experience.  

Favourite Course I teach
Anything which allows me the opportunity to share the wonders of nature and help someone learn something new about diving – or anything for that matter.

Worst dive
bad dives can be also regarded as learning experiences which teach you a lesson about diving, or something about yourself – which doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad, but “more memorable” – but if you must know about some adverse diving conditions during a dive –  feeding the fish for an hour at 60 ft in the Dominican Republic because of bad weather and huge waves – is a strong tie with swimming about 500 ft, back to the boat, upstream, in the St Lawrence River, during my Advanced in Brockville, with a free flow reg.   Yeah, those two dives were particularly memorable for less than ideal reasons.

More about me
I like long walks on the beach, sometimes I cry when I watch a sad movie, i like to write poems by the sea…oh shoot, wrong profile…..about me, right, so diving is fun and I wrestle sharks as a past time while cooking a steak and juggling axes, yeah.   That’s about right…..:)   Otherwise – Love all life, love what you do, and deliver more than you promise!