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Liam Brown - IDC staff

Liam Brown - IDC staff

Favourite Dive
The Mangroves off of Caye Caulker in Belize. Lots of life, and really cool diving atmosphere. Forest City and Arabia in Tobermory and the SS Stavronikita in Barbados.

Favourite Course I took
Rescue. It’s the first foray into professional diving. It changes your diving outlook from watching out for yourself to watching out for others.

Favourite Course I teach
Advanced. It’s great to see divers move from having a basic knowledge of scuba to learning more advanced diving techniques that will help them grow as a diver.

Worst dive
Only one bad dive, and that is simply because I was terribly seasick halfway through in rough seas.

More about me
When I am not diving (i.e. work days), I work in advertising as a Strategic Planner. Diving is a passion of mine, and I consider myself lucky to be able to teach it to new people!