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Part Number:208.1384 Manufacturer: Hollis

Limited Edition

Katana 2 Black is a limited edition of our popular Katana 2 harness, available for a limited time in all-black fabric, embroidery, and stainless hardware which has been hard coated with a special black PVD treatment.


“H” or “Y” style harness configuration
Easy to reach attachment points for accessories on the side of the wing
Innovative top dump allows venting of gas with outbreaking trim or reaching behind the wing like in other designs
Integrated sidemount CCR mount
Single bladder option ideal for recreational sidemount with two cylinders or in a Drysuit for redundancy / Dual bladder option ideal for technical dives in a wetsuit
Add on the SMS Regulator kit –preconfigured with all the necessary DCX 1st and 200LX 2ndstages, LP and HP hoses, two brass SPG’s and regulator necklace
20lb weight capacity
QFS one-size-fits-all design
40lb lift capacity
2-year standard warranty
Weight: 8.0 Lbs

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