Hydra 3500S+ Wide\Spot\Red\UV\Strobe

Hydra 3500S+ Wide\Spot\Red\UV\Strobe


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Part Number:Hydra-3500-WSRU Manufacturer: Kraken Sports
  • NEW UPDATE* Kraken Sports just turned the Hydra 3500, into the Hydra 3500 RGB, adding RGB LED’s in addition to everything else so now you have 9 different color options for creative lighting. If you are a macro shooter this is the light for you.
  • This light has flood, spot, red, and UV beams. It also is remote control ready, all you have to do is purchase the Kraken remote and you can control up to two lights without having to remove your hand from your tray.
  • *NEW* Kraken Sports also added their strobe/burst mode to this light. When synced to your camera via fiber-optic cable this will strobe at the same time as your camera at 4500 lumens
  • They have also made the head water resistant. If you have an accident and flood the light, the head will remain OK. You will probably have to replace the battery but that is much less expensive than replacing the light. This gives you the benefit of being able to easily swit

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