Hydra 1000 Wide\Spot\Red\Auto Off

Hydra 1000 Wide\Spot\Red\Auto Off


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Part Number:Hydra-1000+WSR Manufacturer: Kraken Sports

The Hydra 1000FE is THE solution for people looking to add creative side lighting, back lighting, or snoot lighting to their subjects. The Hydra 1000FE on it’s own is just a standard 1000 lumen focus light, but when you add in the snoot condensor (KR-SN01), and the colour filter (KR-SN02) you’ve got the ultimate creative tool! The three pieces are all sold separately so you can build the kit you want. Please note to use the colour filter (KR-SN02) you MUST have KR-SN01. You cannot thread the colour filter directly on the light.

The Hydra 1000FE also has the ability to sync with your camera via fiber optic cable and burst\strobe at 1500 lumens.

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