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Z2 Regulator Yoke Sealed Gray

Z2 Regulator Yoke Sealed Gray


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Part Number:03-0050-6P Manufacturer: Atomic


Atomic Aquatics Z2 Regulator offers superior performance and quality in a mid price regulator made in the USA.  Available in a sealed or un-sealed model for improved cold and salt water performance. Choose from  DIN or Yoke.

The Atomic Aquatics Z2 Regulator is a balanced flow-thru piston design using Atomics Jet Seat high-flow stainless-steel piston. Exclusive high-pressure piston seal system is self-lubricating for low friction and low maintenance. The Atomic Jet Seat System has no sharp edges that can damage the seat over time, like most competitors’ first stages. Instead, Atomic employs a conical seat and blunt-end piston. Atomics’ valve seats are precision machined from an extremely strong aerospace specification seat material. This design combination is the most reliable seat system in the industry and enables the seat to go 2-years or 300 dives without service. Diving performance is superior at even low tank pressure.

Why Zirconium?


The “Z” designation is represented by the use of Zirconium as plating
material for the precision machined Brass valve body. Atomic developed a Zirconium
over Chrome over Brass plating process to deliver corrosion-resistance 3-4 times
that of conventional chrome plating. The Z Series second stage lever, orifice
and spring are Titanium.



Atomic Performance

Plus Economy
Designing affordability doesn’t mean using shortcuts
The Z Series is our most compact and economical regulator system.
But its rare combination of performance, ergonomics and materials
is unmatched by competitors at any price.
The Z Series gives divers the assurance of the same.
Limited Lifetime Warranty as all Atomic regulators.


Regulator comes with standard Grey Second stage Cover, however, You can add some style to your regulator with a colour kit upgrade, available in Red, Pink, Purple, Blue or Yellow.

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