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-H1 5/10 Hood - Hi Visibility - 2X Large

-H1 5/10 Hood - Hi Visibility - 2X Large


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Part Number:W183-027-00 Manufacturer: Waterproof

The H1 High Visibility Hood features a high visibility orange coloured surface with reflective patches for ultimate visibility and detection in choppy sea conditions in addition to the standard 10mm double layered protection in critical heat loss areas and glide skin seals for the neck and face. H1 5/10mm HVH includes the unique HAVS (Hood Air Venting System) which uses one-way valves to vent annoying air build-up in the hood.

3D Shaped

Glide skin seal

HAVS system (Hood Air Venting System)

I-Span super-stretch nylon

Bonded hi-quality nylon thread

Rinse after each dive with fresh water. Wash occasionally with a mild soap. Other cleaning products may only be used if authorized by Waterproof.

Dry in the open shade, away from direct sunlight.

Store away from sources of heat and away from sources of UV radiation (mainly sunlight), as both of these may degrade the materials more rapidly.


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