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Part Number:NS117125 Manufacturer: Aqua Lung

   Three Operating Modes : Dive how you like withAir, Nitrox, Gauge dive modes, plus Free Dive (tracks calculations to allowswitching between dive modes and free dive)

·       User-Changeable Battery & Data Retention : Maintains settings andcalculations between battery changes

·        Blue-tooth Data Transfer : Connect to your smartphonevia DiverLog+ app to remotely control yourcomputer settings as well as store and share dive log information

·        Gas-Integrated : Tank pressure is easy to read in thelarge face screen. Our patented Gas Time Remaining Algorithm providescalculations in real-time, maintaining accurate gas management

·        Intuitive Navigation : Single-button accessto last dive data (maximum depth and bottom time)

·        Well Lit : Easy reading in low light conditions

·        Increased Safety : Audible alarms andadditional high-visibility LED warning light

·        Updatable software : User-updatablesoftware gives you long-term access to the latest features and upgrades viaBluetooth connection

·        Water Activation : Water activationfeature gives you a worry-free start to your dive

·        History Mode : History Mode lets you see your totaldives, maximum depth, total dive hours, and lowest temperature. Records up to24 dives

·        Nitrox Mix Capability : Up to 100% O2

·        Deep Stop : Optional deep stop with countdown timer

·        Go Anywhere : Salt or freshwater dive selection

·        Altitude Adjustment : Automatic altitudeadjustment ensures an accurate profile

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